Breeding rules for Norwegian Buhund

Pass on annual meeting 23 March 2002 in NBK

§ 1.
Dogs who been use in breed must be mental and physical healthy and fresh. 
NBK recommend not breed on dogs who have or had been treat for following defects/disorders:  
a)     Testicle defects.
b)  Overbite, under hung jaw.  
c)  Hip Dysplasia.
d)  Hereditary eye disease.  
Dogs who used in breed, must be:  
a) ID-identification and HD-photograph/diagnose in reference to NKK’s rules.  
b)  Been show on a official show approved of NKK.  One of the breed animal must had minimum 1AK or 1AUK with HP, the other breed animal minimum 2AK. (The breeding board  can give exemption from the rules under this letter, if you give a written reason application).  
c) Examined for threats to the eyes-/diagnose in reference to NKK’s rules.  Examined for threats to the eyes must be taken after the dog is 12 month old. If one of the parents have ”buhundcataract”, is it desirable that the other dog is free. 
Dogs who used in breed ought to be:  
a)  After dogs who meet NBK’s breeding rules.  
b)  From litters where the occurrence of HD and /or hereditary eye disease not is bigger than the average for the race.  
The bitch must be almost 2 years before the first litter.  Males ought to be 18 months before they be used in breed.   
You may frequent put on puppies every 2. heat, only if the puppy interval is close to 12 months (The breeding board can give exemption from this demand after receive a written application).
A male ought to be limit in breed until 50 % of the offspring is HD/eye disease diagnostisert. 
Follow evaluation give the reason for approval of puppies:  
a)  Approval for more than 3litters on a breed bitch and mere than 5 litters on a breed male dispense of evaluation.  
b)    The breeding animal  ought have more than 5 % of all registered dogs the last 5 year.  
c)  The breeding animal ought not be closer in family than cousins.  
It is desirable if the owner of the bitch gives report to the breeding board about:  
a) The combination.  Date for the mating.  
b)  Date for delivery, number of born puppies, sex and color.  
c)  Numbers of puppies who is alive after 7 weeks .  
d)  Numbers of puppies who was sold, with the buyers name .    
Breeders who want the puppies approved of the breeding board and medicated with the puppy-mediation, have to be member of NBK and follow NKK’s ethics rules for breeding. If a breeder want to medicate puppies longer than 10 weeks must tell it to the puppy-mediation.  
Exemptions in referring to §3 b and §6 must be obtain before mating and the reason to the exemption will be report on the clubs puppy-list. Combinations who satisfy the club's breed-claim, can mediate by the club if the breeder wish it.

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