Ethics line of directions for the breeders in the Spitzdog club:

Decide on the Spitzdog Club's annual general meeting the 25. March 2001

1. Anyone who chose a dog to breed ought to take care that the breeding animal is  mental and physical suitable for breed.
2. You ought to only breed on dogs who can mate naturally, and born and bring up puppies on naturally way.
3. A bitch ought to not enter into breed before it is complete developed and can take good care of her puppies. For Spidshundeklubbens racer must the bitch's age be minimum 24 months. For some races is the age 14 month. Look below
4. A bitch ought to only have 4 – 5 litter in her lifetime, and the last litter before she is 8 years. After 2 litters ought to the bitch have a break on at least 1 heat.
5. Dogs with Hereditary defects ought to not used in breed. Mating who have given puppies with defects ought to not repeat.
6. Mating between animals who are closer in family than cousins ought to certain.
7. Matador breed where a few dogs dominate the breed ought to certain.
8. It is the breeder's  duty to give the puppy-buyer satisfactory information about the parents and about the race's quality and need.
9. Breeders who offender the above line of directions, can by the committee be shut out for a period of 2 years from publication on the club's puppy-list, club advertisement and the club's homepage.
10. Possibly shut out, can from the in question breeder introduce to the annual general meeting.
Breeds who include 14 months age:

Japanese Spitz, Kleinspitz, Mittelspitz, Norrbottenspitz, Norwegian Lundehund, Volpino Italiano, Västgötespitz


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