Langhoff's Biloxi Tola Owiedatter

Best Buhund Junior-dog on Christmas-show in SPK in 2000

Danish Champion 20 month old, with 7 certificates

Club master in Agility for beginners in DcH Støvring in 2001 & 2002

Club Winner in SPK in 2001, 2003 & 2004

Best bitch on Buhund-Gathering in 2001

Best Buhund-bitch in 2001 & 2004 in SPK

9 x BOB - 16 x BOS - 5 CACIB

HD-Status: A
Eye-test: No sign on hereditary diseases
Biloxi got the herdingtest the 5/2-2005 with Anita Faurholt.
She is mother to 5 litters (10 puppies)

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Herdingtest Track day Dog-swimming


We kept Biloxi here in the kennel, because Jensby's Czar was her grandfather, he is the reason for my life with buhunds today.

At home Biloxi is a very lovely and affectionate dog. She is not very socially minded to strangers when she is out on shows and similar. She is a very brave dog, but for a reason we don't now, she is very terrified for small children otherwise there is nothing who can frighten her.

Biloxi loves to run and to jump, 2 good things when you go to agility. She is also a good show dog with good results.

She is very special our daughter says she is: Snobbish, Prudish and Spoilt. Snobbish: Because she look dawn to people and she will not obey everyone here in the house (only me) . Prudish : because she hate to get her coat rumpled of a collar or other thing Spoilt: It don't need any explanation ;o)

Biloxi is exactly what my goal as a breeder is: A dog who looks good at the same time it's a good working-dog and with good and healthy hips and eyes..


23/12-2007 came Katrine on visit, she an d Biloxi are the worlds best friends

With Cherie (to left)(30/12-2006)

She tell Rasken: "Keep your cold nose from my behind" (30/12-2006)

Winther the 30/12-2006

Running on the beach with Cherie (2/4-2005)

Biloxi remember there have been a cat up there for long time ago

Digging after moles

On the frontpage on a national dog magazine 2002


Playing with her small sieblings (D-Litter)











Best Junior-dog 2000 BOS: Owie (her father)  BOB: Biloxi in 2002
BOS in 2003 Judge: Helge Lie Norway 3. Best in the Group 2003

4 weeks old A good alternative bed 6 weeks old
Another alternative bed 8 weeks old

Owie Leite-Gård's Cherie
Jensby's Czar Jensby's Mynthe Leite-Gård's Cain Anna Håkondatter
Roff Bonnie Treholmen's Tachs Jensby's Freia Skadsemgaarden's Andi Leite-Gård's Josefine Håkon Den Gode av Leite-Gård Boggi

Date Place Judge Results
07.05.2006 Skanderborg, SPK Anita Whitmarsh, S 1.P 2.W CK female
20/3-2005 Malmø, Sverige Stefan Sinko. Slo 1.P 2.W CK female resCACIB
05.03.2005 Hårlev, SPK Torbjørn Granheim 1.P 3.W
13.02.2005 Fredericia, DKK Helge Lie, N 1.P 1.W CK CACIB BOS
05.12.2004 Taulov, SPK R. Van Mechelen 1.P 3.W CK
07.11.2004 Herning, DKK Karl-Erik Johansson 1.P 2.W CK female resCACIB
25.04.2004 Ringe, SPK Jochen Eberhardt 1.P 2.W CK female
20.03.2004 Stouby, SPK Olav Hedne 1.P 1.W CK  BOS
07.02.2004 Hårlev, SPK Lillian De Ridder, B 1.P 1.W CK BOS
06.12.2003 Næstved, SPK Christen H. Lang, N 1.P 1.W CK 1.BOB
24.05.2003 Fuglebjerg, SPK Terje Lindstrøm, N 1.P 1.W CK 1.BOS
12.04.2003 Stepping, SPK Helge Lie, N 1.P 1.W CK BOB
01.12.2002 Otterup, SPK Gøran Bodegård, S 1.P 1.W CK BOS
03.11.2002 Herning, DKK Peter L. Jensen, DK 1.P 1.W CK female CACIB
25.05.2002 Jersie, SPK S.V.Boetzelaar 1.P 2.W CK female
13.04.2002 Randers, SPK Annika Ulltveit-Moe 1.P 1.W CK BOS
10.03.2002 Kværndrup Nils Molin 1.P 1.W CK BOS
16.02.2002 Fredericia, DKK Kim Vigsø Nielsen, DK 1.P 1.W CK  CACIB BOB
03.02.2002 Hårlev, SPK Marit Sunde 1.P 1.W CK BOB
02.12.2001 Kalundborg, SPK Nils-Arne Tørnløv 1.P 1.W CK BOS
03.11.2001 Herning, DKK Marlo Hjernquist 1.P 1.W CK CACIB BOS
14.10.2001 Otterup, SPK Lillian Hanniste, B 1.P 1.W CK BOS
16.09.2001 Brøndby, DKK Jørgen Hindse Madsen, DK 1.P 2.W CK female resCACIB
26.08.2001 Vingsted, SPK Kim Vigsø Nielsen, DK 1.P 1.W CK BOB
12.08.2001 Vissenbjerg, DKK Geir Nordahl Pedersen, N 1.P 1.W Certificate CK CACIB BIM Danish Champion
22.04.2001 Kruså, SPK Berit Foss, N 1.P 1.W Certificate CK  BOB,
21.04.2001 Kruså, SPK Gerda Kastl, D 1.P 1.W Certificate CK BOS
24.03.2001 Hadsund, DKK Kreds 7 Berit Foss, N 1.P 1.W Certificate CK BOB
10.03.2001 Kværndrup, SPK Risto Tuomainen, SF 1.P 2.W
11.02.2001 Fredericia, DKK Tore Fossum, N 1.P 1.W Certificate CK BOB
03.12.2000 Otterup, SPK Owe Germundsson, S 1.P 1.W Certificate CK BOS
05.11.2000 Herning, DKK Helge Lie, N 1.P 1.W Certificate CK female
14.10.2000 Ørsted, SPK Eivind Mjærum, N 1.P 3.W

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