Langhoff's Gloria Anla Bilxoidatter

BIS-Baby to Christmasshow in Sejs # BIR- Baby to Christmasshow in Årslev # BIS-4 Juniordog in Basballe # BIS-3 Juniordog in Bredsten # 4 certificates # BIS-4 in Fuglebjerg 2007 # 2 CACIB # BIS-3 in Skanderborg 2007

1x BIS3 1x BIS4 9 x BOB 4 x BOS


Eye-test: No sign on hereditary diseases
Gloria got the herdingtest the 5/2-2005 with Anita Faurholt & the 3/10-2006 with Collin Seabourne.

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We got Scott in Norway in September 2001, when he was 4½ years old. He was sold to me because his owner became ill.

Scott is a wonderful male, with a lovely temper. In the time he had shown us very good ability as a working dog. He is incredibly mental stabile, there is only one thing who can frighten him, this is water. If there is a hard thunder or a very big fireworks he became a little insecure.

He is a very loving dog and very affectionate, who can get enough of fondle. He is not a good watchdog, of course he barks when there come people to the door. But he is very happy when the people come into the house.

Tanja is active in Team Buhund with him and had used him to Juniorhandling with a big success.


The triplets, Liva, Gloria & Frodo. All 3 are born the same day . (Liva is Tanja's Karelian Beardog)

Photo Emma Højgaard

Photo Emma Højgaard Photo Lars Kjærgaard
Gloria say hallo to a black buhundpuppy  

Take a nap with her father Scott ... and with grandma Cherie








Odense 16/2-2008
  BOB: Langhoff's Chavez Owiesøn
Judge: Zeev Trainin, Israel
Årslev d. 9/12-2007  

BOB: Langhoff's Gimli Scottsøn

Tanja won the coupleclass with Gimli & Gloria
Judge: Vera Hübenthal, Norge Judge: Vera Hübenthal, Norge

 Clubwinner 2007

Herning d. 4/11-2007
BOS: Langhoff's Chavez Owiesøn  
Judge: Matti Tuominen, Finland
Nyborg d. 29/9-2007
BOS: Langhoff's Chavez Owiesøn  
Judge: Helga Karrock, Tyskland
Skanderborg the 25/8-2007  
BIS-3   BOS: Langhoff's Gimli Scottsøn
Judge: Peter Machentanz, Germany Judge: Martha Heine, Germany
DKK's Jubilee-show in Vejen the 12/8-2007

The handler was our daughter, Tanja

BOS: Nodavoll's Jason


Judge: Elina Haapaniemi, Finland

DKK's Jubilee-show in Vejen the 11/8-2007

The handler was our daughter, Tanja

  BOS: Nodavoll's Jason

Judge: Torbjørn Granheim, Norway

Bredsten 23/6-2007

  BOB: Langhoff's Chavez Owiesøn, who also became Danish Champion

Judge: Chresten Lang, Norway

Fuglebjerg 27/5-2007

BIS-4   BOS: Nordic Pride Cargo of Norway
Judge: Zafra Sirik, Israel
Svendborg 14/4-2007
  BOS: Nordic Pride Cargo of Norway
Judge: Olav Hedne, Norway
Herning 3/11-2006
The jugde says "Thank for today" (BOB)
Judge: Chresten Lang, Norway
Bredsten 23/9-2006
BIS-3 Junior (BIK-2)
Judge: Freddie Klindrup, DK

Basballe 19/8-2006

BIS-4 Junior (BIK-3)

Judge: Péter Harsányi, Hungary

Fuglebjerg 25/6-2005


Judge: Katarzyna Fiszdom, Poland

The handler was our daughter, Tanja


Langhoff's Gloria Anla Biloxidatter
Scott Langhoff's Biloxi Tola Owiedatter
Cascilius Nikki North Bonni Owie Leite-Gård's Cherie
Gerdsbos Alert Cascilius Søte Sara Snorredatter  Håkon Den Gode av Leite-Gård Betty Jensby's Czar Jensby's Mynthe Leite-Gård's Cain Anna Håkondatter

Date Place Judge Results
16.02.2008 Odense, DKK Zeev Trainin, Israel Excellent, 1.V. CACIB, BOS
05.01.2008 Göteborg, VKK Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway 1.P 1.W CK 2. best bitch
  ClubWinner 07  
09.12.2007 Årslev, SPK Vera Hübenthal, Norway 1.p 1.w CK BOS
  DKKV 07  
04.11.2007 Herning, DKK Matti Tuominen, Finland 1.p 1.w CK CACIB  BOB
29.09.2007 Nyborg, SPK Helga Karrock, Tyskland 1.p 1.w CK BOB


25.08.2007 Skanderborg, SPK Martha Heine, Tyskland 1.p 1.w CK ClubCert BOB BIS-3

DKK-Jubileewinner 07

12.08.2007 Vejen, DKK Elina Haapaniemi, Finland 1.p 1.w CK CACIB BOB
  DKK-Jubileewinner 07  
11.08.2007 Vejen, DKK Torbjørn Granheim, Norge 1.p 1.w CK CACIB BOB
23.06.2007 Bredsten, SPK Christen Lang, Norge 1.p 1.w CK Clubcert BOS
27.05.2007 Fuglebjerg, SPK Zafra Sirik, Israel 1.p 1.w CK Clubcert BOB BIS-4
12.05.2007 Århus, DKK Kreds 6 Geir Nordahl Pedersen, Norge 1.p 1.w CK BOB
14.04.2007 Svendborg, SPK Olav Hedne, Norge 1.p 1.w CK Clubcert BOB
03.03.2007 Hårlev, SPK Lisbeth Mach, Schweiz 1.p 1.w CK Cert BOS
03.12.2006 Årslev, SPK Rita Reyners, Belgien 1.p 3.w SL
04.11.2006 Herning, DKK Christen Lang, Norge 1.p 1.w CK Cert BOB
28.10.2006 Knabstrup, SPK Henrik Søeborg, DK 2.p
23.09.2006 Bredsten, SPK Freddie Klindrup, DK 1.p 1.w CK Cert 2. best bitch
19.08.2006 Basballe, SPK Péter Harsányi, Ungarn 1.p 1.w CK bitch BIS-3 Junior
25.06.2006 Fuglebjerg, SPK Katarzyna Fiszdom, Polen 1.p 1.w CK Cert 2. best bitch
17.06.2006 Aalborg, DKK Jens Ramsing, DK 1.p 1.w SL
21.05.2006 Ringe, SPK Myrna Shibolet, Israel 2.p
15.04.2006 Stouby, SPK Marianne Baden, DK BOB Puppy
04.03.2006 Hårlev, SPK Gert Christensen, DK 2. best puppy
04.12.2005 Årslev, SPK Seamus Oates, GB BOB Baby
26.11.2005 Sejs, Jule Skue Inga Bonnez, DK BIS Baby

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