In Memory


Danish Champion

5 x BOS

13. juli 1995 - 16. december 2006

Cherie was an import from Norway. She was the ancestress in our kennel, after 4 litters she retired and enjoy her retirement.

She was a very mild and lovely dog, who could never dream about growl of a human. She had a big personality, sometimes she could be very offended about something (sometimes we not even now what), then she glower at us and sulks. She could do it up to an our. She doesn't like obedience training, but she loves to be shown. She was very good to let the other dogs get the trouble for her, she starts barking, when the other dogs barks, she stops and pretend that she never had bark. Then it is not her, but the other dogs who be told off. ;o)

Her favorite thing in the whole world, besides food, was a ball. She could play with it in ours. She also used the hedgehogs in our garden to a ball, but if we not save them she kills them. The moles and mouse's she digs frequent after, the only minus is she get help from her daughter, Biloxi. It's goes fine until they are close to the animals, then they go to fight about it. Good for the animal who have time to disappear.

Cherie has been a wonderful mother to her puppies, very lovely and with a big patience. But she will not share her food and her balls with them. Later she enjoy the happiness to play with her grandchildren.


The best C-dog of the year in DcH Arden 1998

The best Obedience-dog of the year in DcH Arden 1998

22. November 1992 - 7. Marts 2006

Our old and proud Warrior have given up. Sicness and age was close to break his pride, thats why we choose to let him leave this world. We owed him to keep his dignity, as thanks for 13 good years

Rasken was our 2. buhund. He was a gentleman who knows what he want and it was not always what we want. He hated all males and like the female best around their terms. He was a very loving dog with a big instinct for protecting his humans and house. He doesn't care about other dogs company he much rather want human company.

Trough the years we have had a lot of discussions on the obedience-place about who is the master, it's happened not so often the last time. He was a working-dog and hate dog-shows. He was active in Team Buhund in his last year

He loves to collect things from the floor, right from empty soda water-bottles and down to small piece of paper smaller than a stamp. But he want something for it. If you cheat him for one nugget, next time he came with something, he will se you have a nugget before he deliver it to you.

He had some strange eating habits, he eat Tanja's lip balm and steals everything in hard plastic he can get. He can open the food-barrel only with the intention to take the food cup. 2 remote control, 1 mobile-phone, a lot of plastic-cups, plastic-bins and plastic-bottles is what he had spoiled.

We will always remember him for his big personality