Here is our first litter. On this page can you find informations about the dog. Click on the name and you will see the dog's own page, where you can find pictures the owner has sent to me. You can see under the dogs name, when there is news about the dog
Pedigree Born the 11. May 1998. 4 of the puppies was to big, so it was not the best combination to use. But 7 lovely family-dogs meet the world.

Ayo-Mille  Born 6.30 P.M., as number 1. Birth weight: 260 g. Callname: Mille. She live with family Ohlssen, Hillerød, Denmark. In many years she was an active agility-dog

Aramis  Born 6.43 P.M., as number 2. Birth weight: 320 g. Aramis is one of "The 3 Musketeres". There is no pictures of this dog, that's why he have no page. He lives in Oure, Fyen, Denmark
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Apache  Born 7.23 P.M., as number 3. Birth weight: 270 g. Callname: Nynne. She lives with other dogs & horses with the family Egede in Haslev, Sealandia, Denmark. She have been an active agility-dog

A'mi  Born 7.39 P.M., as number 4. Birth weight: 280 g. A'mi means friend. He lives with family Nielsen in Haderslev, Denmark

Alamak  Born 8.08 P.M., as number 5. Birth weight: 286 g. Alamak is a star on the heaven. She lives with family Outtrup in Copenhagen, Denmark

Athos Born 8.36 P.M., as number 6. Birth weight: 284 g. Athos is one of "The 3 Musketeres". He lives with family Vollsman Christensen, Hjørring, Denmark

Atre'ju  Born 9.17 P.M., as number 7. Birth weight: 306 g. The name is from "The never ending story". There is no pictures of this dog, that's why he have no page. He lives with family Larsen, Hadsten, Denmark
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