Here is our 2. litter. On this page can you find informations about the dog. Click on the name and you will see the dog's own page, where you can find pictures the owner has sent to me. You can see under the dogs name, when there is news about the dog
Pedigree Born the 31. December 1999. Results was 4 male & 4 female

Buffy  Born 01.59 A.M., as number 1. Birth weight: 272 g. Callname: Zavannah. The name Buffy is from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". She live with Charlotte Lyrskov, Silkeborg, Denmark. She is an active agility-dog in DAF-Silkeborg and is been trained to a Schweiss-dog

Bartok  Born 03.30 A.M., as number 2. Birth weight: 306 g. Bartok is a Disney strip character. Callname: Balto. He lives with family Lejbølle, Rebild, Denmark. He is a very active competitor in Team Buhund, and have also gone to obedience training in DcH Støvring

Bonzo  Born 02.39 A.M., as number 3. Birth weight: 314 g.. He lives with family Bang, Charlottenlund, Denmark. He died 3/1-2008 of a coronary
Summer 2007

Bonnie  Born 03.01 A.M., as number 4. Birth weight: 314 g. Bonnie was sold to a family in i Aalborg, but is now relocated to  family Langhoff, Amager, where she have a splendid time
August 2006

Biloxi  Born 03.15 A.M. as number 5. Birth weight: 272 g. Biloxi got her name from the muscical "Biloxi Blues". She lives here in the kennel.

Bajads Born 03.45 A.M., as number 6. Birth weight: 292 g. Bajads is a clown or buffoon. Callname: Jone. He lives with family Grønby, Højby, Odense, Denmark

Brand  Born 04.11 A.M., as number 7. Birth weight: 304 g The name is from a saga written of Margit Sandemo. Brand was sold to a couple in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Because of allergy they may deliver him back to the kennel, so now he live with Jesper Skyum Nielsen, Arden, Denmark

Bjørk  Born 04.57 A.M., as number 8. Birth weight: 306 g. Callname: Tiki. There is no pictures of this dog, that's why she have no page. She lives with family Hjortsø, Farum, Denmark
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