Our breed


Here is all my breed. Click on the litter-name and read more about the dogs we have made here in the kennel. There will come pictures, who i got from their owners.


The A-Litter is our first litter. They was born 11. May 1998, after Tu-San Rasken of Dania & Leite-Gård's Cherie. We was very anxious to get puppies for the first time. The results was 7 puppies, 4 males and 3 females. 4 of the puppies was to big, so it was not the best combination to use. But 7 lovely family-dogs meet the world.



To this litter we had found a male, everything was ready, but, but............ About 14 days before Cherie came in heat, the male run away from his home. Then was good advice expensive. From Norway and from one here in Denmark they recommend me to use Owie. Why not, he was a good looking male with good results on dog shows. When Cherie was ready we go to Rødovre and visit Owie. The results came the 31. December 1999, 4 males & 4 females.



Is also after Owie & Leite-Gård's Cherie, because it was a very good combination. They was born the 17. February 2001. And again there was also 4 males and 4 females



To Cherie's last litter, I had to find a new male. I had found one, but unfortunately he have HipDisplasia (status:C). Fortunately was there a male in Hobro, an import from Norway, who was suitable to Cherie. Miki get examined for Hip Dysplasia and eye diseases, both was OK. The puppies came to this world the 16. March 2002. 4 males and 3 females.



Now it was Scott and Biloxi, who goes to be parents. For both the dogs it was first time. So it was exciting to see what the results will be. Both dogs was a very good show dogs and Biloxi was also a very good working dog. The 12. August 2002 came the results, after a lot of visit from the veterinary and a Caesarian, came 3 wonderful puppies to this world, 1 male and 2 females was the results.



The 4. August 2003 came 2 lovely puppies, a male and a female.



The 12. August 2004 came there 2 wonderful puppies, 2 males, to the world.



The 9. August 2005 came 2 lovely puppies, a male and a female, to the world. The reason to I call this litter for "Plus-Litter" is because I this time will keep a female  and I want the name Gloria. The G-Litter was born. Tanja said when we do'nt follow the alphabet must the male's name be Frodo.



The 25. February 2006 came a little suprice, Helia a female. She was the only one and I will like to keep her, but my family said "NO", at this time we have 4 adult dogs and a big puppy.



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