Here is our 4. litter. On this page can you find informations about the dog. Click on the name and you will see the dog's own page, where you can find pictures the owner has sent to me. You can see under the dogs name, when there is news about the dog
Pedigree Born the 16. Martz 2002. Results was 4 male & 3 female

Denver  Born 06.37 A.M., as number 1. Birth weight: 308 g. His name is after the singer John Denver. He live with family Lysegaard, Holstebro, Denmark. There is no pictures of this dog, that's why he have no page.
No page

Dida  Born 07.28 A.M., as number 2. Birth weight: 326 g  Callname: Gigue. The name is from a saga of Margit Sandemo. She lives together with a younger buhund with family Lang, Heidelberg, Germany

Dex-Archi  Born 08.34 A.M., as number 3. Birth weight: 292 g. Callname: Archi. He lives with family Damkjær, Lunderskov, Denmark

Dundee  Born 09.28 A.M., as number 4. Birth weight: 300 g. He is named after "Croccodile Dundee" He lives with family Steffensen, Copenhagen S, Denmark
July 2005

Dalton Born 11.28 A.M., as number 5. Birth weight: 302 g. Callname: Dimka. He lives with family Plouborg, Outrup, Denmark. There is no pictures of this dog, that's why he have no page. He is not here in this world anymore ;o(
No page

Dina-Ronja Born 12.16 A.M., as number 6. Birth weight: 284 g Callname: Ronja. She lives with family Petersen, Aabenraa, Denmark
She often plays with her sister, Luna

Delta-Luna Born 14.30 A.M., as number 7. Birth weight: 274 g. Callname: Luna. She lives with family Petersen, Aabenraa, Denmark. She often play with her litter-sister, Ronja. Some time she is also on a holliday in her niece's, "Fine's" home
August 2006


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