Who are we?


I will start to introduce my self:

My name is Susanne Langhoff.  I am a retiree that used to work as a farmer.  In my family we have always had dogs; so it was natural for me to have dogs when I became an adult.  I had a dog pension for 8 years, but due to bad health I had to close it.  Now I focus my attention on my own dogs.  I have taken DKK’s breeder education and very active in a activity group we call Team Buhund

Ole Nielsen works in on Nielfisk-Alto a high press cleaner factory.  He is not from a “dog family”, but he has learned to like dogs. Ole helps in everything we do with our dogs, and he enjoys the dog shows, but is not a handler.  He is the faithful driver on the many kilometers we drive when we go to shows throughout the country

Tanja Langhoff, our daughter, was born in 1987.  She has been raised with dogs.  The first dog she had was a stuffed one named Rasken.  She has always accompanied us when we go to dog shows or practice obedience training.  Tanja trained with Cherie for one year and made the obedience training team and now she is active in Team Buhund  She has also been in quite a few “Child & Dog” show competitions.  In the last year, Tanja has become very ambitious.

Tanja live together with her boyfriend Nick, and they have a Karelian Beardog. Tanja is also a good photograph and I use her a lot to the pictures on my homepage. You can se more of her pictues on her homepage HERE




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