The Kennel

My breeder-class in Skanderborg the 25. August 2007. From left: Gloria, Gimli, Biloxi & Chavez

The kennel consists of 4 dogs and 3 persons.

The persons are Ole, Tanja (our daughter) and my self. Read more about us HERE

We had Buhunds since 1992 and got kennel name in 1998, where we also have our first litter. In year 2000 took I Danish Kennel Club's breeder-education.

Our dogs are, besides breed-dogs, also family dogs. They live all in the house together with us.

All my puppies is born in a born-case, next to my bed. They live there until they are about 3 weeks old. After that, they came out to the kitchen, where they have access to a scullery with free access to a big puppy garden, as they use with big joy, no matter how the weather is. When they are 6 weeks old, came our veterinarian and give them all a medical examination, give them a microchip and vaccinate them.

All the puppies tries to have a little drive in a car and try to walk with a line on, before they go out in the big world.


My dogs are all HD-free and examined for threats to the eyes, before I use them in breed.

My ambitions is to keep the buhund, as the healthy and well race, they always has been. Therefore I breed after Norwegian BuhundeClubs breeding-rules and SpidshundeClubs ethics rules.